IC01. Egg Fried Rice

Made with fragrant long-grain rice cooked to fluffy perfection, our fried rice is infused with the richness of golden scrambled eggs, adding a velvety richness and protein-packed goodness to every forkful

IC02. Veg Fried Rice

Indo Chinese style fried rice brings together, fluffy rice cooked and fried with a medley of colorful fresh vegetables in a symphony of taste and texture.

IC03. Veg Noodles

Indo-Chinese style hakka Noodles prepared with vegetables including crisp bell peppers, crunchy carrots

IC04. Chicken Fried Rice

A classic dish that brings together tender chicken, fluffy rice, and a medley of colorful vegetables in a symphony of taste and texture. Pieces of marinated chicken are wok-tossed with rice, crisp bell peppers, sweet carrots, and savory onions, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas